The Smartest Professional Fitness Massage Gun – SKG Mini Massage Gun F5 Christmas GIFT

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Revolutionary Handheld Percussive Massage Therapy Gun

The SKG massage gun F5 is different from the previous fascia guns on the market, abandoning the traditional old-fashioned “cross-type”.The massage gun removes the “big butt” design, instead, uses a more rounded arc, which made it in style.

Besides the trendy appearance, its unique heating function makes it different from other massage guns. It is handy but powerful and not noisy.

Mimicking the power and benefits of a professional massage or vibrational therapy, the SKG F5 massage gun provides deep tissue massage. It can assist in breaking up scar tissue, which helps smoothen pain and relieve tightness after a day of work or exercise.


The Smartest Massage Gun Ever

Different colours represent different massage strengths, which can be switched by pressing and holding the power button.

“Blue Cyan”: (low), 1800 rpm;

“Blue Purple”: (mid), 2500 rpm;

“Orange Red”: (high), 3200 rpm.

You can adjust different gears according to your own tolerance by simply looking at the colour of the light strip, no more confusing screen!





A Professional Massage with Heat

Built-in heated option on the bottom, heat works well to warm up your muscle. The 3-LEVEL constant temperature heat function effectively reduces muscle tension, relax stiff joints and calm muscle spasms.

Similar to the light strip, it is also divided into three gears and supports a 5-minute automatic shutdown function.

Blue light: Level 1 (constant temperature 40°), suitable for the general public;

Orange light: Level 2 (constant temperature 48°), suitable for quasi-professional people;

Red light: Level 3 (constant temperature 53°), suitable for professional people.





the lightest massage gun skg f5

Unimaginable Portable and Lightweight


The smallest professional fitness massage gun you can find on the market. It’s designed to put it in your gym bag and go.

It weighs only 0.66 pounds and is easy to take anywhere. You can take your massager with you wherever you go. Whether at work, in the gym, on a hike or on the go, you can get immediate relief with the SKG F5 massage gun.






Changeable Heads for Precise Treatment

SKG F5 massage gun comes with 3 accessories, each with different material and softness to ensure you receive the proper treatment for your ailments.

Gentle and refreshing massage head: suitable for various muscle groups, soft texture, suitable for daily massage and relaxation

Deep relaxation massage head: suitable for the whole body muscle and fascia tissue, hard texture, suitable for relaxation after exercise

Simulation massage head: suitable for fitness shaping, shaping massage






powerful massage gun in a small size

Compact but Powerful

Don’t underestimate the SKG massage gun’s power by its size. The palm-sized, ergonomic design makes the handheld massage gun comfortable and easy for one-handed control. The Heated massage gun is an amazing recovery tool. It can deliver high frequency vibration, up to 3200 pulses per minute for deep penetrating relief.









quiet massage gun skg f5

Low Noise Massage Gun

Adopts a 5V brushless motor that provides powerful massage without any noise. Enjoy your deep tissue massage gun and repair your muscles in a relaxing silence. SKG Massage Gun F5 is developed with a strong noise reduction motor. With 45 DB of the newest noise reduction technology and a high-torque motor, a professional deep tissue massager has 3 adjustable speed settings delivering up to 3,200 percussions per minute.







skg f5 mini massage gun charger

Long Working Time, Perfect for Daily Use

SKG F5 Massage Gun is equipped with a Type C charging cable which means it can be easily charged everywhere. A full charge battery life can be used for up to 23 days. It can be said that this high performing F5 hot compress massage fascia gun fully considers the actual needs of users, and becomes a device that can be carried at any time.

No matter you are working in the office, studying at school, exercising in the gym or travelling, it can be taken to anywhere. Help your muscles and body relax and stay in top shape.

The SKG massage gun F5 is also a perfect gift for your parents, family, and friends, for those who like exercise or setting in front of the table for long hours every day. People are always happy to receive a gift that can improve their health and relaxation, especially when it comes to such a cool look.





Product information

  • Rate speed:1800-3200rpm
  • Charging Port: Type-C
  • Battery capacity:1800mAh
  • Net Weight:800g
  • Size:8.46 x 7.32 x 3.11 inches

What’s included:

  • Body massager X 1
  • User manual X 1
  • Type-C charger cable X 1
  • Storage bag X 1
  • Hand-simulating massage head X 1
  • Gentle and soothing massage head(soft) X 1
  • Deep relaxing massage head(hard) X 1

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Gray, White

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18 Reviews For This Product

  1. 17

    by Rob

    Love this one, perfectly fit in my daily bag! everyone asked when I using it in the gym.

  2. 17

    by Ken

    Able to maneuver it to tricky areas. Worth the value.

  3. 17

    by Ben

    Works great feels great

  4. 17

    by lyn

    Works well good product!Easy to operate and effectively resolving aching muscle problems!

  5. 17

    by Lina

    Super easy to use! What a fantastic product!

  6. 17

    by Frank

    Such a wonderful massage gun! Love it

  7. 17

    by Sandy

    Looks so pretty! Great for massaging the whole body.

  8. 17

    by Jane

    The warming function helps a lot to relieve my back pain and sore neck.

  9. 17

    by Mohammed

    Happy with the product. Highly recommended!

    • by CoolSports1

      Thank you Mohammed!

  10. 17

    by Sam

    Soothe sore muscles with heat is just so incredible! More than I expect to a massage gun. A total game changer!

    • by CoolSports1

      Thanks Sam, happy you love it!

  11. 17

    by Peter

    The design is beautiful. The function is great. Happy with product.

    • by CoolSports1

      Thank you Peter!

  12. 17

    by Nancy

    This is my first massage gun ever and it is exactly what I want! Works great! Love it!

  13. 17

    by Andy

    Love the futuristic appearance and the heating feature. It can warm up quickly and make the massage experience to the next level!

  14. 17

    by John

    Incredibly user friendly, perfect size for handheld use. The heating feature is amazing, I can even use it in 3 different temperature. Great product!

  15. 17

    by Polly

    Bought it for my mum and she loves it a lot! Great product!

  16. 17

    by Mi

    The size is very handy to take it out. Works great. Love it.

  17. 17

    by Eden

    Great product! The price is a little bit high but its function worth the price! Strongly recommend!

    • by CoolSports1

      Thank you, Eden. actually, our price is the cheapest in Australia.

  18. by Jimi Kramer

    Great product, definitely worth the price, I found it is $199 on the other site, here only $149, great deal!

    • by CoolSports1

      Thanks, Jimi, for the great comment.

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The Smartest Professional Fitness Massage Gun - SKG Mini Massage Gun F5 Christmas GIFT

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